May 7 2018

We're almost there! Hero-U is in Beta testing and is expected to be released by the end of June! Get ready - and here's the latest update!

December 7 2015

The time that many Sierra and Quest for Glory fans have been waiting for is finally here! Aubrey Hodges just released his new album: Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness and it's now available for sale!

"The album features 42 all new arrangements of some of the most iconic music of my career. In addition, all of the original music from the game is included for 100 total tracks! Please, share this and help me get the word out. I poured my blood sweat and tears into this and held nothing back. It's now up to my friends and family to help me share it with the world!"

Follow the link to visit Aubrey's site, listen to his music and buy this brand new album!