Here you will find installation instructions and solutions to common technical issues you may be facing with the Quest for Glory games. Do bear in mind that the most recent solutions to technical problems may be found at Collector's Sierra Help Pages or/and at the Quest for More Glory forum board.

If you can't find the solution to your problem, you can always try posting at the QFMG forums, asking for help!

For help regarding problems you may be facing with the Remake of Quest for Glory II - by AGD Interactive (even though Erpy usually replies to questions at the QFMG forums), it is highly recommended that you visit the
AGDI forums to receive the latest solutions and support.

Here you will also find Hints & Guides to help you solve the puzzles in the games - although it is highly recommended that you try and solve them yourself, thus enjoying the games more!

Finally, for technical and practical reasons, I have decided to keep the Travel Guides only on the Flash version of the QFMG site, for the time being.