The Quest for More Glory website was first published in July 2003, by Elsa von Spielburg and Almirena. I can hardly believe it's been that long already (makes me feel kinda old actually!)...

The original idea behind this website has always been to present the Quest for Glory series by Sierra Online - Created by Corey Cole and Lori Ann Cole. And to Petition the continuation of the Quest for Glory series by it's original creators.

The QFMG site was designed by me, Elsa von Spielburg (as usual). My real name is Christiana Panayiotou and I'm a Greek-Cypriot from Nicosia, Cyprus (a small dot in the Med sea which has always been the center of attention from the greatest forces on the planet due to its' geographic location).

The author of our delicious Travel Guide descriptions is my Australian friend and co-founder of this site Almirena. I was even laughing and cheering as I was reading the descriptions while working on the new site. That woman is simply amazing, I just adore her writing talent and sense of humor! Her real name is Ingrid Hein. I know she hates giving details about herself, so I'll just say that she's a beautiful, multi-talented young lady. Among other things, she's an author, a singer (soprano) and musician and composer, a web-designer and a wonderful friend.
Last but not least, my dear friend King Orion, who has been watching this place and helping me and Almirena from the time this site was first published. His name is Josh Koss and he's from USA.

I would like to give a big thanks to:

-Corey and Lori Ann Cole with their QFG Team and Sierra On-Line for making the greatest RPG series ever!

- Collector, who has been around helping members with their gaming and technical issues all this time.

- The AGD Interactive team, for giving us the awesome Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Remake.

- Erpy, for providing QFG II Remake support at the forums.

- website/forums and member Nig 13 for helping me with Flash and Actionscript when I needed to figure out some things.

- The Dosbox creators for letting us play our favorite RPG series on our modern computers.

QFMG Contacts

If you wish to contact me, you can do so, either by
email or by private message through the QFMG Forums (Elsa Von Spielburg).