The Quest for Glory series is a hybrid RPG (Role-playing Game) and Adventure computer game series, created by Corey Cole and Lori Ann Cole. Although the story was continual through the series, each game in the series was based on different environments from different civilizations/cultures and myths from which the characters, puzzles and humor were inspired.

The series was originally named “Hero’s Quest” but was later renamed into “Quest for Glory”, due to a trademark issue, that Sierra On-Line was facing with the first title.

There are currently, five games in the series, which tell the story of a young man who wished to become a Hero. The player gets to play the role of the wanna-be –Hero, and gets to choose from four different classes of character: The Fighter, the Mage, the Thief, and the Paladin (available from Quest for Glory II and after). Each class has its’ own unique puzzles as well as its’ own special ways of solving each puzzle in the games. That gives the player the option to complete the games in four different ways, each time feeling like playing the game for the first time ever!

One of the things which made this series so special was the fact that the Hero got to improve his skills and abilities with practice, therefore making him capable of solving certain puzzles in the game, that require a certain amount of skill.  And most importantly, at the end of each game, the Hero character could be saved for continuing in the next game in the series, giving the player the extreme joy to complete the entire Quest for Glory series, with the same Hero character and evolving the same character just as the player would like!

The Quest for Glory game series is as follows:

• Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero (1989; A VGA remake was released in 1991)
• Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (1990; A VGA Remake was released by AGD Interactive in 2008)
• Quest for Glory III: Wages of War (1992)
• Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness (1994)
• Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire (1998)

Note: The original idea of the Qfg series included four games instead of the five that were finally released. After his adventures in Shapeir and Raseir (Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire), the Hero was intended to go to Mordavia and face the Dark One (Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness). However, the game creators later thought that it would be too difficult for the Hero to face the Dark One right away, and then, Quest for Glory III: Wages of War was added in the series, giving the Hero a chance to improve his skills and be better prepared for Mordavia and the Dark One! For more details on the Quest for Glory series, please visit this page here.