As your friends were congratulating you for saving the Kingdom of Tarna from the Demon Wizard, you were taken over by dark magic!

The next thing you know, you awaken in a dark, twisted cave, with faint memories of flying and falling. Your equipment was lost somewhere during the journey. All you have is yourself and your skills and abilities as a Hero to aid you in your quest.

Having escaped from the cave, you meet a peasant girl called Katrina who tells you that you are in Mordavia. Before you even think to ask her any questions she disappears, so you find your own way to the town.

The townsfolk, (obviously fearing strangers) were hostile and suspicious of you all the time. There were garlands of garlic placed allover the town for protection against werewolves and vampires! Ghosts and dark creatures roamed the land. There was evil almost everywhere you went.

The townsfolk had their own problems, a child was kidnapped from her home at night, the shopkeeper Olga lost her husband and Nikolai, an old man wondered around the town searching for his long lost wife...

A mysterious monastery was built in the town by a mad monk who sought to summon something called the "Dark One" that apparently was responsible for all the evil in the valley. And as if all that wasn't enough, your old "friend" Baba Yaga was rumored to be in the valley as well...

All and all this land was desperately in need of a Hero!