With the fall of the evil wizard Ad Avis, the city of Raseir was restored. As a reward for saving the twin cities of Shapeir and Raseir, the Sultan Harun Al-Rashid adopted you to be his son and you became the Prince of Shapeir.

Three months later, the enchantress Aziza calls you and Rakeesh to her house to give you an important message. A war was about to begin between Uhura's people, the Simbani, and a tribe of shape changers called the Leopardmen.

You were sent by magic to the Kingdom of Tarna with Rakeesh and Uhura to find the cause of the war and prevent it from starting.

As you arrive in Tarna, you meet Rakeesh's life mate, the enchantress Kreesha, who informed you of what was going on and spoke of her suspicions that demons were behind all the problems in Tarna.

You then learn about the Peace Mission that was sent into the jungle to speak with the Leopardmen but was ambushed at night and only one man survived to speak of it. You also learn that Rakeesh's daughter, Reeshaka, was the leader of the Peace Mission.

Two days later, Rakeesh swears an oath before the council of Judgment to prevent the war and to bring peace to the land. Immediately after, you both travel to the Simbani village to speak with the Laibon, their leader.