Before I go into the "Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire" story, I would like to mention that in 2008, AGD Interactive released a Quest for Glory II VGA Remake. It features beautiful up to date graphics and sound, with additional content, such as mini games and additional information that the original game didn't have yet. Not to mention pleasantly surprising Easter Eggs (I was very pleasantly surprised to see the Prince of Persia jumping above the walls, outside Aziza's house!).

The remake has three different game play interfaces (including point & click!) AND a brand new and extra challenging combat system (trust me, it's tough but you ll love it)! For more details and the free download of the game, visit the official website of AGD Interactive:

Saving Shapeir and Raseir

Having defeated the Brigands and driven the evil Baba Yaga from the valley you became The Hero of Spielburg. You made some very important friends during your adventures in Spielburg: The Baron Stephan Von Spielburg whose son and daughter you saved, The Archmage Erasmus and his companion Fenrus. Not to mention the Kattas Shameen and Shema who welcomed you to their inn and the Merchant Abdulla Doo whose fortune was stolen by the brigands and you recovered it!

Now you re traveling to Shapeir on a magic carpet ride, with your two katta friends and Abdulla Doo (who provided the means of transportation!). After a long journey you finally arrive in your friends' homeland.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly. Shameen and Shema opened their inn that immediately became the center of entertainment in Shapeir (in which you were welcome to stay as long as you wanted for FREE!).

Just when you thought it was time to relax, Abdulla tells you that Arus Al-Din, the former emir of Raseir is missing and the land is plagued with foul creatures of mass destruction called Elementals and Djinns.

As you meet more people and come up with more information you learn that

the new emir of Raseir is ruthless and people suffer under his command.

And soon the first elemental attacks the city...